Kicked Diabetes butt and ran my first ultra marathon and marathon yesterday

I thought I would share my thoughts on my first ultra yesterday, the Superior Trails Spring 50km. Not the running part, it was great but I worked on that for months before the race. I am really excited about how well my blood sugar was both before and after.

I used a pump and a CGM. I found a way to keep them stuck to me for over 6hrs I was out there and didn’t need to go to my backup site I had inserted, my spare site in my backpack or a syringe. My checklist seemed to help as it kept my mind on what to bring because luck would have it that if I forgot my spares like I did at my first trail marathon, I would have needed them and ended up pulling out.

The race started at 7am and I wanted to eat prior so I got up at 2:30am so that the bolus was mostly gone. In the past, the tail end of the bolus becomes very significant with the change in sensitivity I have. Normally under 0.1units wouldn’t be noticed. Then at 5am I set a temporary basal of 15%.

As expected, I started trending up going in but started the race at about 7.0mmol(125) and this continued for a bit and then started to drop. At about an hour in I started dropping a bit, this seems to be the magic time, and I ate a sport gel. This brought me back up and it kept trending up for a while. So I used a correction bolus of 0.2units and upped my basal to 20% of normal. This is where I wish my pump had a smaller increment than 0.025units/hr as it seems that somewhere between 0.150 and 0.175units/hr for the first few hours would have been perfect and later on, somewhere between 0.175 and 0.2 would have been. But I just kept bouncing my glucose between 6.0mmol and 10mmol after the initial little high of around 11mmol. I am not complaining at all. Although, I did notice that 7mmol/L seemed to be the sweet spot for how I felt.

Long story short, I was able to run my race, perform well and diabetes did not get in my way. It has kicked me in the butt enough times and I actually feel invincible now. I have no hypo’s or hyper’s much past 10mmol/L, it is possible to have decent control in tough situations.

As for the running part, I trained for about a 5hr race and had about 5hrs in me. I think I was top 20 until the base of Moose Mtn on the way back and between there and the finish I dropped 40 spots to finish 60th out of 177 people. I have never run more than 3.5hrs before so I cannot complain. I actually don’t feel beaten up or hurt much at all. I have hurt way more after a hard or really long run. I feel invincible almost. So maybe it is time to throw some speed back in the game and own a 5km or two. Get that time under 18min again.