It’s Still Reading Day – Part Deux

I have been reading “Type Type 1 Diabetes: Clinical Management of the Athlete” by Ian Gallen and now have a few more insights into some strategies for controlling post exercise hyperglycemia(high blood sugar) in type-1 diabetics. I seem to have highs after almost all my workouts whether it is an hour or two or more. So I do not agree that it is a high intensity phenomena only and I have spoken to others who agree.

The one guideline mentioned as there is little research on this still is I may need double my normal basal rate for up to two hours poet exercise. This seems to coincide with my experience. The risk is timing, too early and I may go low; too late and I will spike high. My last run I was able to keep control by returning my basal to normal 20 minutes before completion and bolusing the other half up front at about 10 minutes before I stopped. I will try this again and see.

It is too bad there are so few guidelines on this. My A1C would be probably a full percent better and that is significant.

As for running, I’m thinking tomorrow. This is the most time off I have had in a while and I don’t like it. But sick days are sick days and it is the end of her season. Maybe a forced timeout is a good thing in the big picture.

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