No 1/2 Mathon Today, it’s Reading Day

So I am sick, it sucks but the head cold moved to my chest and that killed my aspirations of racing today.  However, all was not lost.  I have been thinking and reading about Diabetes and exercise.

I no longer fear the lows, I can control them quite well these days as I have a CGM and I have been modifying my doses to accommodate my changing needs.  The last couple nights I have had less than 1mmol/L drop over an 8hour period.   I am OK with that.  The piece of the puzzle I am still working on is the post exercise hyperglycemia.   It is still like throwing darts, but I am close.

What I currently try to do for moderate/long runs:

  • Temp basal down to 25% – 30% 1.5hrs-2hrs prior to run, I don’t know an exact timing yet.
  • 15min-20min prior to finish of run, return basal to normal or another temp basal at 110%-125%, I don’t know the number yet.  Bolus at least 1unite-1.5units of insulin and use CGM to gauge correction dosage in addition.  I know the CGM shouldn’t be used for dosing but it is practical.

The results are generally OK and with the more aggressive dosages I have been able to keep my glucose below 10mmol/L.  I still have to wait to eat any real carbohydrates unless I am correcting a low though.  It seems that carbohydrates work a lot quicker after a run.

The problem is that I am using the force too much for my liking here.  And there is some risk involved if I where to not be able to stop.  Then again, I can just walk the rest.   That is an important safety feature of a temporary basal reduction during exercise.  It only takes a few minutes for my glucose to start to rise if I don’t have extra insulin in me post run.  If I were to run out of carbohydrate sources, I can just walk easily and my glucose will rise quickly.

As for during the run, I will eat about 20g-25g of carbohydrate an hour and usually will not drop too much.  I am happy in the 5-7mmol/L range and will usually not eat until I get there.  This helps with the post run hyperglycemia as I am starting at an OK number.

Well more reading and hopefully I can run tomorrow.  I signed up for a Strava challenge this month to run as much vertical as possible and I am really excited.  Hills are fun.

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