Annual Kamview Half Marathon

I will be running in a trail half this Sunday and I plan to have some fun with it if this newly acquired cold lets me go. Might be a forced taper. I already have my 1/2 marathon time this year of 1:28 in the local Miles with the Giant 1/2 marathon course and can play with the pacing this weekend. I am thinking of pushing it a little earlier on and trying to hold onto some of the relay teams.

Part of the fun is whether or not to taper. I have my insulin setup for running 6 days a week and if I don’t run for too long I will need a lot more insulin. Better control or fresh legs…?

This will be the final race of any significance until May. I am training to do my first ultra marathon with the Superior Trails Spring 50km a gruelling course with over 4000 feet of climb. It should be a lot of fun. I have had some bad Diabetes luck with long trail races and pump sites but that was more me not following my own rules or knowing them yet. I haven’t figured out a training plan, but was comfortable at 80+km/week and 2-3hr trail long runs this summer with two days of speed and a day off. I would shock the system with a hard week, pull back and work to a higher volume peaking at 105km and a 32km trail run. I was training for a trail marathon, my first marathon, and was doing ok until my site fell out at the 1/2 aid station. I forgot my second in the car, 13.1 miles away and ended the race there. So my first 50km will also be my first marathon, exciting. But I’m confident in the training I had and used it to PR in the 1/2 a month later. I still need to figure out how far to put the longest runs.

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