Things I have learned as a diabetic runner

I have learned lots of this from others and some from experience.

  1. When I need to be sure my pump site stays in, have a second one already in. The other will fall out otherwise
  2. Mastisol makes thinks stick when I am running in hot and humid weather
  3. If I forget to have a second site and my pump site falls out during a race pull out at the next aid station, it’s not worth going DKA
  4. When my blood sugar is high, a 15-30 minute run will drop it back. Mowing the lawn works too, but I don’t like my lawn that much and a lawn mower going at 1am isn’t good for neighbourly relations
  5. Always carry too much carb. I like Gu and blocks, but it doesn’t matter, and stuff happens.
  6. Use a temp basal to avoid feeding insulin
  7. Turn off the temp basal 20minutes before stopping if I can, or do a cool down if it is a race and bolus too. I use 1.5 units but that’s me. Otherwise I can shoot up from a 5mmol/L to 25mmol/L in 25minutes
  8. Deal with dosage changes quickly because they happen often
  9. Keep you pump in a waterproof belt, it may no longer be waterproof as we all seem to walk into walls when it’s clipped to our hips
  10. Adrenaline can sky rocket your blood sugar, wait and see then treat. I cut the correction by the same percentage I cut my basal rate
  11. Running shorts all need pockets
  12. Play with dosages and learn how you react to different efforts
  13. My ranking of running surfaces is ranked trail, track, then road. But dirt tracks suck

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